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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

The Vagabond King is coming out next week. It has been three years since I first started writing it and I'm thrilled to know that it is finally going to land in the hands of readers.

Earlier this summer, I met with my wonderful editor Carly Holmes, who handed me a proof copy of the novel. The joy at seeing it in print! I can't begin to tell you. The first print run was delivered to Parthian Books yesterday and pre-ordered copies will be making their way to readers soon.

It's a funny feeling to know that friends and family and total strangers will soon be reading the words that I kept to myself for so long. I have mild trepidation about it... but why write at all if you're not prepared to share the stories you craft?

The first review is in too - written by the Nerd Daily and cementing my reputation as a geek - and it was so gratifying to see that they had enjoyed the book. If only one person enjoys it, I feel like it's all worthwhile. They also ran an interview with me which made me feel like I had dipped a toe in the whole promo game.

A chance encounter with the great Jon Gower led to my first public appearance as an author earlier this month. It was a real thrill to read to a literary audience in Penarth. Even better, when I finished, the last three proof copies were snapped up and I signed my very fist book.

The launch event for the Vagabond King is next Thursday. It all feels very real now. Let's see what this author thing is all about...

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