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Freelance writing

The right hand panel details some of my published work as a freelance writer. 

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National Geographic

While they might seem to many like simple pastries, in Sicily cannoli are known for both their suggestive shape and their somewhat bawdy origins.

i paper

Touch is an integral part of the way we interact with our loved ones. I set out my reasons why people in the UK should be more physically affectionate with our friends.


Piece about Skirt Club, an exclusive, women-only sex club for the bisexual community.

i paper

Opinion piece for the i which celebrates cohabiting

The Welsh Agenda

Bannau Brycheiniog: An Old Name for a New Way to Be

Article detailing the radical plans of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park to address the climate and nature emergencies.

The Telegraph

When the Taps Run Dry

First person piece, detailing my experience of living without running water for six months during a drought and how this links to climate change.

Happiful Magazine

Advice column for wellbeing magazine.

Bluedot Living

A new kind of arable farming is creating jobs, addressing food insecurity, and combating climate change in Wales.


The Mirror

Short film script shortlisted for the BBC's It's My Shout scheme.


Wrote and starred in a short film for BBC Digital about how burlesque can offer a positive outlet for women to explore their sexuality.

Little Toller

Article for nature writing publisher about the success of the red kite's reintroduction to the UK. 

Wales Arts Review

Investigating perhaps ecology's first ever buzzword, the Anthropocene, and asking what it means for Wales and our future generations. Are we being good ancestors?

Wales Arts Review

Article for International Women's Day, featuring my the "commandments for a better womanly life" 


Named the overall winner of the PenFro radio drama competition. My script, The Companion, was performed and recorded on site by independent producer Kate McAll.

Perceptive Travel

A traveler plies the waters of northern Europe on a ship with 26 sails and a 100-foot main mast, the passengers joining the crew on duty in rotating shifts. We long for the road less travelled, but what happens when we abandon the road altogether?

Wales Arts Review

Article for International Women's Day, featuring my the "commandments for a better womanly life" 

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