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The Vagabond King blog tour

It has been a huge pleasure to see the King touring around the web over the last ten days. The book has found its way into the hands of some very generous readers. Here's what they had to say.

This is an enthralling read about the fight between good and bad.

- Secret World of a Book

I highly recommend this read, it is fast paced and leaves you wanting more…

- Book Before U Leap

A gritty, bloody, sometimes downright nasty (but oh so wonderful) book... the rich heritage and myths of the author's native Wales shines through.

- Ebookwyrm

A cracking read that when I wasn’t reading, had me itching to pick it up again. The Vagabond King is one that I would definitely recommend.

- Me and My Books

This is a really great book for any fantasy buff. Even if fantasy isn’t your usual read. Give this a try.

Each page keeps you enthralled enough that you just fly through the chapters.

- Yes More Blogs

The characters are thought-provoking, interesting and brought to life with Bond’s vivid use of descriptive detail and character profiling.

- Read Write Inspire

I can always tell how good a book is by how fast my reading gets during action scenes and oh was I flying through these pages. You can smell the blood in the air and hear the sounds of the swords clashing together. A brilliant piece of fantasy writing.

- Book Blog London

An action packed fantasy tale, with amazing world building, properly rounded and developed characters and exciting tension building gradually throughout. With Kings and Queens, magic, battles and Gods, there’s plenty to keep even the most devoted fantasy fan thoroughly gripped. Absolutely stunning and I can’t wait for part two.

- The Bookwormery

The Vagabond King is a tale of sorrow, hope, redemption and a little bit of love but mostly it aims to take your heart in its hand and squeeze until there is nothing left but emptiness, suspicion and then curiosity. A really well written epic fantasy adventure.

- Not Another Book Blogger

The pacing of this is perfect because it doesn’t hold back not once. I honestly was taken aback with a few moments where the story was journeying along and then wham! Something takes you back and throws you back into the mud with the characters. It’s refreshing to read something that is paced so well. An absolute joy.

- Hedwig's World of Books

Intense but in the best way... I don’t have the turn of phrase to do it justice.

- Everywhere and Nowhere

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