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10 tips to combat writer's block

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Writer's block is a dreaded beast that comes to us all. I'm yet to meet a writer who can sail through thousands of words without beating their dead against their laptop.

Everyone has different coping mechanisms to deal with it. These are the things that work for me:

1) A glass or two of port. As Ernest Hemingway advocates: write drunk; edit sober!

2) Listen to music. Occasionally a lyric or a song's mood will inspire the solution to my writing quagmire.

3) Read something by someone else. But don't get too stuck in.

4) Complain to friend/spouse/pets.

5) Go for a walk to clear your thoughts.

6) Talk to your characters. Ask them what they would do next.

7) Try free writing - force yourself to write word after word without stopping. It will require heavy editing, but at least you have somewhere to start!

8) Invite a cat to sit on your lap. You will be chained to your writing desk until it moves.

9) Resist the urge to get up and make another cup of coffee. You've had enough. Sit down and concentrate.

10) Drown out distractions by playing music through headphones.

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